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For schools / preschools

We have a small selection of instructive pedagogic literature for teachers and instructors, including some under the topic of the handicapped. For further information contact the Pedagogical Center PZ.BS  in Basel.

At the GGG City Library, you have the possibility to obtain a library card for your class/kindergarten. With this card you can, for example, borrow media items for the preparation of you lessons. The limited number of items that can be borrowed is 20, respectively, 25 for ages up to 15 years. For further questions, our library personnel will be glad to help you.

In addition, we offer:

  • Tours in the city libraries, for children and teens (kindergarten groups, school classes and other groups). Please use our web form for application or contact us at Tel. 061 264 11 11 (customer service) or directly in the respective library.
Umwelttage Basel 2017

Fr 9. June 2017 09:00  | Bibliothek Schmiedenhof 

Umwelttage Basel 2017 - Es ist ein Planet!

Im Rahmen der Umwelttage Basel 2017 bieten wir Lehrpersonen und Ihrer 4.-6. Schulklasse ein interessantes Programm an (siehe Details). Anmeldung obligatorisch, bitte via E-Mail an:

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Sa 10. June 2017 13:00  | Bibliothek Schmiedenhof 

Gastgeber für Erzählcafé gesucht

Wir suchen für den GGG Tag am 10. Juni noch zwei Klassen, die gerne unser Erzählcafé betreiben würden. Das Café findet auf dem Rümelinsplatz statt. Für das leibliche Wohl wird das 1777 sorgen. Für das geistige Wohl sozusagen suchen wir nun zwei Klassen, die das Kaffee bespielen mit ihren Texten.

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Foreign language media for children and teenagers

Foreign language media for children and teenagers only available in certain libraries.

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Ascension / Pentecost 2017

The libraries will close on Wednesday, 24 May 2017, at 17.00 o'clock and will be closed Thursday, 25 May. On Pentecost Sunday and Monday, 4/5 June 2017, the libraries will be closed. 

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